• The ability of people, places, and things to communicate—the internet of things—makes unprecedented business intelligence possible.

  • iota leverages the internet of things

  • Data from the internet of things reports continuous change. No other source can produce the business intelligence required to lead in the current conditions.

  • We mine data from the IOT. We build sensors to collect data. We help businesses instrument, understand, stir up, and change behavior— strategically and continually.

  • a new way of working

  • We provide business intelligence, and believe it should be used to intervene, experiment, build understanding, and “perturb”—continually.

  • We’re experts at converting smart data into smart models and proactive experiments. Iota uses sensor-based data to disrupt an ecosystem—moving swiftly from hypothesis to innovation.

  • we perturb
    the system

  • To perturb effectively, you need ongoing, reliable, differentiating information. We build on data you already have, but iota goes places and collects granular detail you never thought possible.

  • Success isn’t predicting the change;
    it’s being the change.

  • iota: truth
    in data